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Marcus Allen Exclusive KARACUS Women's Smartwatch

  • $ 129.99
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Its been said “A woman with class is timeless”. She does not live in time, she lives above it. Like the moon of Saturn and the Greek Titan goddess, the “Dione” smart watch is elegant, beautiful and exquisite. Built to luxury and style with light stainless steel body, superior craftsmanship and beautifully defined sapphire glass edges. A perfect blend of fashion and technology. With its superior applications do everything you do, but better and in style. 


Karacus Wear App 

Karacus Wear is the official app of Karacus, smart watches that are a combination of luxury design watches and activity trackers, being a perfect fit for the everyday or executive use. Karacus Wear is developed to work with Karacus smart watch devices and establishing perfect connections with your IOS or Android phones. The vision behind the development of this app was to provide the user with an interface which is easy to use, manage, read and store data as accurate as possible, also keeping intact a high tech profile. 

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