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Elizabeth Arden

Collection of Authentic Elizabeth Arden Fragrances.

Elizabeth Arden was both a woman ahead of her time and a true pioneer in the way she approached life, business, and the field of beauty. She became the founder and sole owner of a cosmetic company that would grow to include skin-care products, upscale spas, and Elizabeth Arden fragrances, many of which are beloved favorites today. While Arden died in 1966, the company she created continues to produce distinctive, high-quality products today, focusing primarily on perfumes and colognes.

In 1910, Arden opened a spa on Fifth Avenue in New York City, which had a red door to catch people's attention, an image that would become a signature of her brand. The success of this location prompted the expansion of both the spa business and her skin-care endeavors. Her many contributions to the beauty industry included introducing American women to colored eye makeup in 1914 and creating the concept of beauty makeovers. But in recent years, the company is perhaps best known for selling Elizabeth Arden fragrances and cosmetics.

One of the most popular early Elizabeth Arden perfumes, the one that put the company on the map in the world of fragrance, was Blue Grass, a light, citrusy floral released in the 1930s. This would be followed by dozens of successful Elizabeth Arden perfumes, from the aldehyde and citrus blend of It's You, in its distinctive bottle featuring a woman's hand holding a torch, to the mossy floral of Memoire Cherie to Red Door, a classic scent named for Arden's spas that features rose, orchid, orange blossom, freesia, and honey. And the company's success continues to the present day with scents such as Always Red, Pretty, and White Tea.