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Posted by Mark Chaney on

Thank you for shopping with us. Please tell us about your experience with our company. Let us know about any comments, questions, concerns or suggestions you have about our site.



Please note some Customer Reviews were transferred here during our site rebuild on Oct. 27th 2016.

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  • My husband loved my new lingerie. Thank you.

    Kay L on
  • Hi Marcus, Your Site looks great and I love the variety of products that you have there! Really nice!! I will look again to all the products when I have more time to shop. Thanks for letting me know about it. Let’s stay in touch! Thanks!

    Alessia Bonacci (Actress/Producer) on
  • just received my 6th order from you, and as that popular restaurant slogan says “I’m lovin it!!”

    Louis J on
  • Just got all of the lingerie I ordered, and I love it, and so does my boyfriend. Thank you.

    CindyB on
  • New subscriber here, just got my first order from you guys thank you for a great experience, until next time (yes I will be back for more).Stay Strong.

    Robert P on

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